Information modelling of the upgrade of the Zidani Most-Celje railway line

Information modelling of the upgrade of the Zidani Most-Celje railway line

During the design phase (PZI), we designed and managed the project for our contracting authority through the BIM-approach in our own common data environment (CDE), produced BIM 3D models for road arrangements with associated facilities, BIM 4D and 5D models and did the coordination. During the execution phase, the monitoring of the construction using the BIM model, is being done.

For our contracting authority we managed the project in the BIM environment with the creation of a project server. We developed parametric BIM 3D models (supporting and retaining structures, road arrangements with associated traffic equipment, communal pipelines, culverts, underpass and bridge), including the inventory and the estimate of works and the 4D and 5D-simulation of the construction, which adequately represents all the project design solutions in the phase of the PZI. During the design phase, the coordination of all BIM-models was periodically implemented. During the execution phase, the construction is being monitored with the help of the BIM model.


Marija Gradec

Investment value:

47,258,901.75 million euros


Management and design of BIM-approach, BIM 3D modelling, BIM 4D modelling, BIM 5D modelling, BIM-coordination, monitoring of construction with the BIM-approach.

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