Operating in the field of engineering Consulting and Design services for infrastructure in Slovenia and in central and south-eastern Europe. With almost 30 years tradition of planning the most demanding infrastructure projects.

Making traffic studies, traffic models, integrated traffic strategies, concept studies, concepts and variants of traffic infrastructure, environmental studies, economic and investment studies, visualizations.
We are qualified to prepare all phases of the project documentation, which are designed in accordance with the applicable regulations. With the use of superb technology our clients can always monitor project development.
With experienced experts we manage projects through the planning, the execution and completion phase. Our leading project designers successfully lead project teams until the final phase of archiving the project documentation.
With experienced experts we manage projects through the planning, the execution and completion phase. Our leading project designers successfully lead project teams until the final phase of archiving the project documentation.
We perform all the necessary activities for successful and high-quality implementation of activities; preparation of project tasks, concepts, project designing, audits, reviews, technical consulting in terms of integration and coordination.
We use state-of-the-art technology solutions and we are promptly implementing them in our work process. We also develop our own technical solutions for supporting BIM in Infrastructure.

Roads and railroads

Head of Department
Damjan Karba

Numerous executions of the most demanding new construction projects and renovations of all types of roads and railroads at home and abroad, are the result of our top-notch human resources and technological competence and almost 30 years of design experience. We cooperate with a wide range of competent partners and subcontractors, while the basic support is provided by other departments of the company.


  • project management and project documentation for motorways,
  • project documentation for the most demanding constructions of a larger scale or in the international area
  • comprehensive project documentation for new constructions and rehabilitation of existing state, regional and local roads,
  • projects for arrangement and reorganization of roundabouts, crossroads, connections and connecting roads,
  • traffic management plans and traffic impediments,
  • execution of comprehensive study of development and planning project documentation,
  • project management of railroad infrastructure systems.

Municipal facilities, hydrotechnics, environmental infrastructure

Head of Department
Jani Trojner

The synergy of the experience of our experts with new, innovative and environmentally friendly solutions, ensures the purity of water resources for posterity. We ensure quality, responsibility and creativity with continuous professional training and with the use of state-of-the-art technologies and specialised software.


Head of Department
Matej Dobovšek

Dynamic, smooth and safe traffic is the result of expert knowledge, enriched by years of planning experience and well-thought-out solutions. The company’s traffic operations provide reliable and expert support in the design and management of traffic systems.


  • urban, municipal and international multimodal traffic studies,
  • capacity-safety cases of crossroads for the purpose of dimensioning optimal geometry,
  • scientific works of final and temporary traffic signalisation,
  • studies of adaptations and design of public spaces without barriers,
  • traffic studies of dormant traffic and traffic monitoring,
  • integrated traffic strategies,
  • research tasks.

Electrical engineering

Head of Department
Zdravko Štraser

Our experience and knowledge enable us to produce all the necessary technical documentation in the field of electrical engineering in municipal infrastructure systems, road systems, industrial buildings, office buildings, residential buildings and energy facilities.


  • electric installations on municipal infrastructure,
  • public lightning, the traffic lights system of crossroads and intelligent systems of road traffic management and control,
  • electric installations on high-rise buildings,
  • electric installations in the field of stable electric traction devices,
  • signalling safety devices and telecommunications in the field of railroads,
  • facilities for the production of electricity from renewable sources,
  • facilities in the field of electricity distribution,
  • central control systems for business, industrial and residential buildings.

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